Things You’ll Get If You’re A Millionaire In Your Heart But Broke In Real Life


You’ve tried to re-create your favorite takeout meal, but end up spending more money on ingredients than you would actually getting the take-out dish
In your defense, you just really, really wanted the challenge of making a homemade sushi roll… even if you do end up screwing it up, at least you can say you tried?!

You’ve sacrificed your health so you could afford something more important like cool concert tickets or that coat from Topshop Kendall Jenner was wearing
You’re totally fine with eating Ramen until you get your next paycheck if it means you have front row concert tickets. I mean, think about it. Even if you get sick AF of Ramen, it’ll be so worth it once you can brag to all your Instagram followers about that time you saw Queen Bey up close. Yep, totally worth compromising your health for.

You often find yourself scouring the web for pictures of foreign cities that you one day hope to visit or re-visit
Even if you just take mental trips in your head or scroll through Google images of exotic destinations, you can’t help but dream about having enough money to take a real vacation outside of the Internet. One day.

Your fridge is a sad mix of the Whole Foods salad bar which you live off of for a week, and cheap AF ingredients that stick around in there forever
It actually pains your heart that Whole Foods is so damn expensive, so when you go there, you pack one hefty meal from the salad bar and snack on it until you can afford another.

When your parents come to town, you have them take you to the fanciest restaurant in the neighborhood
You’re always finding creative ways around your broke-ness, and having your parents come visit is pretty much your go-to genius plan – ’cause if they’re generous people who dearly miss you being at home, they’ll usually front the bill. Take advantage of it while you can!

When it’s payday, there are NO RULES. You splurge on everything because after all, you DESERVE IT and you wouldn’t change your expensive taste for anything!
Being rich is so fun!

Until you’re not again.

And the cycle starts all over again.