Anti-Gravity Treadmill Used By Astronauts Is Helping Patients Learn To Walk Again

Anti Gravity

Technology once reserved for spacemen is now being put to use to for earthlings. An anti-gravity treadmill, used to train astronauts for space conditions was just purchased by the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Bournemouth, England.

The $56,000 machine is being used to help rehab patients with leg injuries and disorders.

People with varying degrees of arthritis, joint pain, or lower back pain are zipped into a sealed bag which is then pumped with air. Once they’re pumped up, their body weight is reduced buy as much as 80 percent–which makes a huge difference easing the pain of physical therapy.

But the weightless feeling also lifts patients spirits about battling debilitating diseases. One patient even commented, “because of this machine, I feel I can fight my disease–it has really given me hope.”