Does the Government Control the Media?

08 May 1959, Washington, DC, USA --- Original caption: J. Edgar Hoover, shown at his desk at the Federal Bureau of Investigation here today, will have been Director of the FBI for 35 years on Sunday. When he took over, the FBI had the lowest morale, poorest personnel, and the worst reputation of any agency in the Federal Government. Today, it stands for the finest in law enforcement. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Many people have guessed that the government have had control over the media for quite some time. The program known as COINTELPRO could actually prove this conspiracy theory to be correct. The word stands for a series of projects that were undertaken by the FBI, all of which were covert and some of which were illegal. The aim of the game? Spy, infiltrate, smear and disrupt certain political organizations. Although this has been going on for some time, COINTELPRO is for the specific program carried out between 1956 and 1971. It is thought that targets included Martin Luther King, Jr., those against the Vietnam War, feminists, and anyone involved in the ‘New Left’ movements.