Ford And Google Team Up To Replace Your Uber With A Self-Driving Car


2016 has certainly become a massive year for technology with the release of Amazon drones, hoverboards, and now self-driving cars. Yes, autonomous cars are growing in popularity and Ford has teamed up with Google to push out piloted vehicles for good.

The official announcement will be made at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January. Yahoo Autos first reported on the merger after citing three unnamed sources that are involved with the project. The publication comes at a crucial time when Ford has joined a group of companies that are licensed to operate autonomous cars in California.

Google has long been at the forefront of the Internet but with their new smart cars they’ll be kings of the tangible world. The company has had unmanned cars in the works for sometime. They’re rumored to be Google’s chance at taking over piloted services from companies like Uber and Lift. Ford may not be the only partner in this futuristic project. It’s probable that Google will team-up with multiple companies to develop the hardware.

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