New Electric Skateboard Can Get You Across Town With The Touch Of Your iPhone


For decades everyone has waited for the Back To The Future hoverboard to become a reality. Recently, the market boomed with the scooter-like hoverboards that resulted in many broken bones and even fires. But, it seems that a new futuristic toy may take on after the release of an iPhone controlled skateboard.

The Blink-Board was unveiled at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show and has seemed to impressed many onlookers. It’s portable 26.5-inch length and 10-pound weight will make it easy for commuters to use it for short distances. Plus, its fast speed of 12 miles per hour and quick charge time are perfect features to grab buyers.


It comes with a remote control but just in case you forget it at home you can control it with your iPhone. This feature is surely something that will spark interests from tech-fans and millennials who love the easy access of their phone.

Shoppers can purchase the Blink Board at the end of January an hit the streets for only $500. Maybe this sleek and user-friendly invention could be just the thing to knock dangerous hoverboards off the market.