Researchers Have Solved The Urinal Pee Splash Crisis With A Black Hole Sponge


The men’s bathroom is a unique place where speaking is outlawed and no one ever makes eye contact. It’s a place to do your business then leave as quickly as possible, and typically every guy leaves with a splatter. The infamous pee back splash has infuriated men since the first urinal was installed. It doesn’t matter how small or tall the urinal is, the splatter is unavoidable. Fortunately, researchers at Utah State University may have discovered a way to rid the men’s bathroom of the pee splash forever, and their secret lies with the urinal cake.

The university’s Splash Lab has presented a new device that they are calling a “black hole for urine.” It was inspired by the Tortula Moss, which is exceptionally absorbent and can hold a significant amount of water. A team imitated this extreme sponge by using a carbon nanotube that lets light enter but not leave, just like a black hole. They managed to alter the structure to capture large amounts of urine in order to reduce puddles and lessen the back splash.

The Splash Lab is lead by Dr. Tadd Truscott who presented the black hole invention at a fluid dynamics conference in Boston last week. It doesn’t seem likely that the advanced urinal cakes will hit public bathrooms. The pee backsplash is a certainly an issue, but is it an issue that needs this much attention?