This Monster-Size Crocodile Uncovered In Tunisia May Be The Real-Life Godzilla


Paleontologists in Tunisia made a terrifying discovery of massive proportions this week. Scientists uncovered what appears to be the fossils of world’s largest sea-dwelling crocodile.

The 130-million-year-old reptile is estimated to be have been about 30 feet long and weigh close to three tons. That’s about the size of a school bus and the weight of two Honda Accords.

“It definitely was at the top of the food chain at the time,” says lead paleontologist Federico Fanti.

Fanti and his team, supported by the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration found the fossils near the edge of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia.

But what may be even more surprising than the fact a monstrous crocodile once walked the earth is that the region where its fossils were found may have once been the location of a lagoon that faced the ocean. Researchers also found the remains of fish and turtles near the giant croc.