Use Cabbage Before You Go To Sleep If You Experience Frequent Headaches!


Cabbage is generally grown to be used in amazing meals families around the world enjoy, but what if we told you that it could also be used to heal numerous physical pains and ailments!

Cabbage leaves have the power similar to a magnet, as they can suck out plenty of illnesses and diseases from your body. Wrapping a swollen or sore area of your body with cabbage leaves will help reduce it’s size tremendously if kept on overnight!

Thyroid glands assist with growth, metabolism and digestive function, so it’s extremely important to make sure they’re in top shape. Placing Cabbage onto your throat (where the glands are) will slowly begin to heal the thyroids with each day you do it. Wrap a bandage over the cabbage to ensure they remain in place.

Everyone has experienced head pounding headaches due to stress, fatigue or lack of sleep…and is usually accompanied by sore eyes. Place cabbage leaves onto your temples and top part of your head to reduce the pain.