Your Preschooler Can Now Learn How To Code With This Amazing New Toy


It is inevitable that smartphone apps and computer games will soon eliminate the need for shows like Sesame Street for childhood learning, and Fisher-Price is on board with that!

The popular toy company released the “Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar,” which resembles a caterpillar. The adorable looking toy will help children to problem solve and develop basic coding skills. How a child chooses to arrange the pieces of the Code-a-Pillar will determine how it will roam around the room.

The programming is extremely basic, but Fisher-Price says the toy will build the essential skills needed to understand more complicated coding later in life. There is also an option to connect to the free companion app, which provides more programming exercises for kids as their coding knowledge progresses.

Fisher-Price just gave all parents a way to put their children on a career path as a developer!