Spaceballs 2: The Schwartz Awakens With An Even Greater Helment

Spaceballs 2

The image above has been spreading like wildfire on social media for the last few days. It appears to be a set posters for Mel Brooks’ sequel to Spaceballs, Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money. These posters were spotted in a New York City subway station, and it’s just cruel.

Brooks has talked about the idea for the sequel, and with the return of Star Wars, more fans have been asking for it, but there has been no official announcement, so these posters were either posted as a joke or Photoshopped since every image shared online were shot in the same angle.

Either way, it’s a prank, and it’s pretty funny how it takes inspiration from the image of Vader’s helmet from The Force Awakens, and referring to the image as “The Teaser Poster” is brilliant. I hope we’ll get Spaceballs 2 someday.