Scientist Discovers Hidden Portraits Behind Da Vinci’s Famous Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

For hundreds of years the “Mona Lisa” has wowed art lovers and historians around the globe. On Tuesday, the mystery behind Da Vinci’s masterpiece was turned upside down when a French scientist presented hidden images behind Mona Lisa’s smile.

Pascal Cotte has been studying the famous piece for over 10 years by using lighting technology to uncover images underneath the final portrait. He claims that his Layer Amplification Method, or LAM, has presented three alternate paintings below the Mona Lisa.

He suspects that one of the alternate versions is of Lisa del Giocondo, the wife of a Florentine merchant. Cotte’s painting shows this other woman looking off into the distance with a larger head and no true smile.

Some art historians have shown skepticism towards his discovery including Martin Kemp who has expressed that the other paintings are merely evolutions of Da Vinci’s portrait.

Mona LisaSo far, there have been no statements released from Louvre officials who currently hold the painting. Although Cotte’s is convinced his discovery is accurate, it may take more than a few digital renderings to change the name of the most famous painting in history.