This Spiked Turtle Was Recently Seen In Russia


This spiked turtle was recently seen in Russia. With it’s sharp beak and spikes it resembles a dinosaur more than a turtle. The creature has been identified as an alligator snapping turtle, the heaviest freshwater turtle in the world. The alligator snapping turtle is native to the American South East. So far it’s unknown how it got all the way to the Amur river in Russia. At first the photos that were posted to social media were believed to be fake. But then a video was posted showing locals trying to push the turtle back into the water and now it is believed to be real. It is believed that the turtle escaped from a Chinese breeder further up the river. The breeder lives on the north-eastern Chinese side of the river. The alligator snapping turtle is on the threatened species list because it’s natural habitat is decreasing and it is killed for it’s meat and shells.