Friday, July 28, 2017


ILLegal Syping

Whenever someone talks about their government illegally spying on them, you can’t help but roll in that stuff, right? Well, it turns out that...

YouTube Star Takes On The Snowy Streets Of NYC In One Epic Video!

Most people want to stay inside and get cozy during a blizzard, but that can’t be said for YouTube star and snowboarder, Casey Neistat. Regardless...

Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time – The Jamison Family Deaths

Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time - The Jamison Family Deaths An entire family in Oklahoma vanished in October of 2009. In 2013, remains of...

Giant Man Eating Anaconda found in Brazil

Ford And Google Team Up To Replace Your Uber With A Self-Driving Car

2016 has certainly become a massive year for technology with the release of Amazon drones, hoverboards, and now self-driving cars. Yes, autonomous cars are...
French Fries

Mcdonald’s French Fries Found To Contain Deadly Ingredients You Can’t Even Think Of!

NaturalNews) Grant Imahara, host of the eye-opening show Mythbusters, was at it again. This time, he didn't set out to get involved with crash...

Conspiracy That Turned Out To Be True

The Gulf of Tonkin This may seem a little bit too farfetched, but it’s true. One of the main reasons given for the Vietnam War...